Chemical Toilet Hire

We understand the essential need for reliable and hygienic facilities at events and on construction sites, which is why we offer top-tier chemical toilet hire services. Our range of portable chemical toilets is well maintained, ensuring a clean, odour-free experience for every user. Designed with functionality in mind, they’re perfect for festivals, outdoor events, and construction sites, where traditional plumbing may not be accessible. With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, you can trust us to provide an efficient solution that meets your sanitary needs, all while maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and convenience.

Affordable Chemical Toilet Hire for Any Budget

In today’s climate of varied needs and budgets, we stand out by offering affordable chemical toilet hire for any budget without compromising on quality or service. Whether you’re organising a local community fair, a high-profile festival, or managing a bustling construction site, our flexible pricing models are tailored to provide cost-effective solutions. We believe that access to clean and safe toilet facilities is a fundamental need, not a luxury, which is why our competitive rates are designed to accommodate the financial plans of our diverse clientele, ensuring that our services are accessible to all.

Understanding the financial constraints that often accompany even planning and site management, we’ve optimised our services to be as economical as they are efficient. Our chemical toilets are built to high specifications but at prices that align with prudent budgeting. Additionally, we provide transparent cost breakdowns, with no hidden charges, fostering trust and long-term relationships with our clients. The balance of affordability and quality service is not just a promise but a commitment from us, making sure that your event attendees and site workers are afforded the necessary conveniences, keeping your event running smoothly and your site productive.

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Chemical Toilet Hire for Events and Construction Sites

Our chemical toilet hire service caters expertly to the dynamic demands of both event planners and construction site managers. Events of all sizes, from small outdoor gatherings to grand festivals, are adeptly supported by our robust facilities, ensuring that every user is afforded comfort and convenience. Likewise, our toilets are an indispensable asset to construction sites, where a dependable and hygienic solution to sanitation is crucial for the well-being and efficiency of the workforce. We pride ourselves on delivering units that are not only functional but also ensure privacy and ease of use in any setting, maintaining a standard of excellence that aligns with the expectations for both industries.


Our decades of experience in the industry has honed our understanding of the unique challenges posed by different sites, enabling us to provide tailored solutions. For events, we offer quick and seamless installation, ensuring that the focus remains on the festivities rather than the facilities. In the field of construction, our chemical toilets are designed to withstand the rigours of the site, providing a durable and reliable service throughout the project duration. The adaptability of our units, coupled with our dedication to outstanding customer service, means that we are equipped to handle the specificities of your event or site with the utmost efficiency and professionalism, making us the go-to provider for chemical toilet hire in any scenario.


The team at Blue Box Hire are on-hand and ready to provide you with portable toilet hire services that you can rely on.

Are Chemical Toilets Environmentally Friendly?

We are keenly aware of our environmental responsibilities, and our chemical toilets are designed with eco-friendly considerations at their core. The chemicals used are carefully chosen to minimise environmental impact, breaking down waste efficiently while reducing the potential for pollution. Moreover, our commitment extends to excellent waste management procedures that adhere to strict environmental regulations, ensuring that the disposal process is as green as our ethos.

Additionally, the efficiency of chemical toilets in water usage is an aspect where they shine in environmental stewardship. Traditional flushing toilets consume vast amounts of water, a resource that is increasingly precious. Our chemical toilets, however, are engineered to require significantly less water, which is an important factor in outdoor settings where water conservation is essential. By opting for chemical toilets from Blue Box Hire, event organisers and construction site managers are not only making a choice that is practical but also one that reflects a commitment to environmental sustainability. Our proactive approach to reducing the ecological footprint of our products is part of our promise to customers who are equally conscious of their environmental impact.

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How Does Chemical Toilet Work?

Understanding the functionality of chemical toilets is key to recognising their efficiency and necessity in various settings. Our chemical toilets operate through a straightforward yet effective mechanism. The main compartment contains a holding tank pre-filled with a blue sanitising chemical. This chemical is biocidal, which means it effectively kills harmful germs and bacteria, ensuring the prevention of odours and providing a hygienic environment for users. Upon use, the waste is deposited directly into this chemically treated tank. The chemicals not only break down the waste but also minimise smells, making for a more pleasant experience.

Maintenance and servicing are integral to the effective operation of a chemical toilet. At regular intervals, the waste tank needs to be emptied and the chemicals replenished to maintain hygiene standards. We take this aspect seriously, offering comprehensive servicing to ensure that each unit remains clean and fully functional throughout its hire period. Our service personnel are trained to carry out these tasks quickly and discreetly, causing minimal disruption to your event or site operation. The chemical toilet’s design is user-friendly, with no need for connection to water or sewerage systems, making it an ideal solution in areas where such facilities are non-existent or overstretched. By combining convenience with high sanitary standards, our chemical toilets provide a practical lavatory solution for a variety of outdoor and remote locations.

Why Choose Us

Blue Box Hire is an industry leader within London, Kent, and Surrey when it comes to portable toilet hire services. With our strong passion for timekeeping and efficiency, you can rest assured that your event or building site will receive portable toilets exactly when you need them, with minimal fuss. Our expert team members are friendly and helpful, meaning that any questions you have will be answered!

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What Our Customers Say

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Caroline SuttonCaroline Sutton
21:37 03 Aug 20
Thank you Nicky for supplying me with your potential loo. I was pleased to receive it clean and it had a floral smell. No lights was supplied but I was able to use my hinging fload light. I would recommend Blue Box.
Jane DaviesJane Davies
13:39 11 Sep 19
Efficient and reliable service. Just the job for an 18th birthday garden party.
Alexandra WrightAlexandra Wright
12:13 23 Jul 19
Recently used for a family garden party. We were all rely impressed with the great service. Clean smart portaloo which turned out to be bit of a star attraction! Highly recommend.
Ben LovellBen Lovell
10:35 10 Jul 19
We used Blue Box for an event in Beckenham and I was really impressed. Reasonably priced and a slick operation. We will be using them again.
Diana AndersonDiana Anderson
18:10 21 Aug 18
Cherry Lodge Golf Club hired Blue Box Portaloos for an external event recently. They arrived on time and were located exactly where we wanted them. They were very clean and well presented. We would definitely recommend Blue Box Hire Ltd

Our Process

1. Get In Touch

By getting in touch with a member of staff from the team here at Blue Box Hire, you can talk to us about your event or building site, and we can then help you determine how many portable toilets you will need, and the duration that you need them for.

2. Portable Toilet Hire

Once you have determined how many portable toilets you need, the next step is for our team to drop them off at the event or building site on the selected start day.

3. Clean Up & Pick Up

Once you’re event or construction project has finished, our team will be over to clean and pick up the portable toilets. We always do this with maximum efficiency to help prevent any fuss or disruptions.

Chemical Toilet Hire

Blue Box Hire have many years of experience in providing reliable and highly-rated portable toilet hire services for a range of small and larger projects. Get in touch today to get started on your toilet hire process.

Areas We Cover


Event Toilet Hire

For events of all sizes and capacities, Blue Box Hire provide an industry-leading event toilet hire event toilet hire service that our previous customers love.

Construction Toilet Hire

Blue Box Hire provide construction toilet hire services that are tailored for each individual building site.


How frequently do the chemical toilets need to be serviced?

The servicing frequency for our chemical toilets depends on the level of usage. For high-traffic events or construction sites, we recommend a service at least once a week. However, for smaller events or lower usage, less frequent servicing may be adequate. We can arrange a servicing schedule based on your specific needs to ensure hygiene and comfort are maintained throughout the hire period.

Can the chemical toilets be used during winter or in cold weather?

Yes, our chemical toilets are designed to be used year-round, including during the winter months. The chemicals used prevent the waste from freezing, ensuring the toilets remain functional in colder weather. Additional measures, such as insulated covers, can be provided to enhance user comfort during cold conditions.

Are the chemicals used in the toilets harmful to users or the environment?

The chemicals we use in our toilets are specially formulated to be safe for users and as environmentally friendly as possible. They are biodegradable and designed to minimise impact on the ecosystem when disposed of correctly, in line with environmental regulations.

How quickly can Blue Box Hire deliver chemical toilets to a site?

We pride ourselves on prompt delivery. In most cases, we can arrange for next-day delivery, depending on availability and the distance to your location. We recommend booking as early as possible, especially for large events, to ensure your needs are met in a timely manner.

Do the chemical toilets come with hand washing facilities?

Yes, our chemical toilets can be supplied with hand sanitiser dispensers as standard. For enhanced facilities, we also offer toilets with integrated hand wash stations featuring foot-operated sinks, which provide a complete hand wash solution with soap and water, ensuring users can maintain good hygiene practices.

Chemical Toilet Hire

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