Portable Toilet Hire London

If you’re looking for portable toilet hire in London, Blue Box Hire is the top choice. We specialise in providing high-quality portable toilets for events and construction sites in London. Our tailored solutions ensure cleanliness, accessibility, and comfort for attendees or workers. With options for every situation and a focus on maintenance, we’re committed to offering the best service in London.

Portable Toilet Hire for London Construction Sites

For reliable and sturdy portable toilets for construction sites, Blue Box Hire has you covered. Our construction-specific portable toilets are built to withstand the demanding conditions of construction projects in London. They prioritise safety, productivity, and workforce well-being. Blue Box Hire understands the unique requirements of construction sites and provides solutions that meet those needs effectively. Whether it’s short-term or long-term projects, we ensure that your construction site in London has the appropriate number of portable toilets to maintain a productive and safe environment.

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Portable Toilets for London Events

When it comes to portable toilets for events in London, ‘Blue Box Hire’ is your trusted choice. We offer clean, elegant, and spacious portable toilets that cater to the diverse needs of events in London. Whether you’re organising community fairs, weddings, or other gatherings, we provide tailored solutions to ensure attendees comfort and convenience. Our strategic placement and service considerations contribute to the flow of your event. ‘Blue Box Hire’ is dedicated to eco-friendly practices, making it an excellent choice for those who value sustainability in London. For your event’s portable toilet requirements, ‘Blue Box Hire’ in London offers transparent communication, top-notch service, and the assurance of a greener tomorrow. Contact us for the best portable toilet solutions in London.


The team at Blue Box Hire are on-hand and ready to provide you with portable toilet hire services that you can rely on.

Cleaning and Sanitisation

Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in portable toilets is crucial to ensure user comfort and safety. Routine cleaning and sanitation procedures are rigorously followed to create a fresh and hygienic environment within these facilities. This process involves waste removal, disinfection, and odour control to ensure that users have a positive experience.

‘Blue Box Hire’ uses eco-friendly cleaning agents that effectively eliminate bacteria and viruses while being gentle on the environment. The cleaning process covers all areas, including toilet bowls, seats, and surfaces. Hand sanitising stations are provided and regularly replenished to encourage proper hand hygiene.

Waste tank maintenance is also a critical part of the routine. Waste tanks are cleaned, emptied, and disinfected to prevent odours and maintain a sanitary environment. This strict cleaning and sanitation schedule ensures that portable toilets remain in optimal condition throughout events, making them a reliable and comfortable choice for attendees. For multi-day events, additional servicing ensures that high usage doesn’t compromise the quality of the facilities, offering peace of mind to event organisers and attendees.

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Calculating How Many Toilets You Need

To calculate the number of portable toilets you need, start by estimating the total number of attendees or workers expected for your event or project. Then, consider the duration of the event or project in terms of hours and days. A basic guideline is to have approximately one standard portable toilet for every 50 people attending or working during an eight-hour period. However, you should adjust this ratio based on your specific circumstances, including the presence of special needs individuals, gender considerations, and any food and beverage service. Check local regulations to ensure compliance with specific requirements in your area.

For precise calculations and tailored solutions, it’s advisable to consult a portable toilet provider. They can provide expert guidance, taking into account all relevant factors, and help you determine the exact number and types of units required. This ensures that attendees or workers have convenient access to restroom facilities and that they meet all necessary hygiene, safety, and compliance standards.

Why Choose Us

Blue Box Hire is an industry leader within London, Kent, and Surrey when it comes to portable toilet hire services. With our strong passion for timekeeping and efficiency, you can rest assured that your event or building site will receive portable toilets exactly when you need them, with minimal fuss. Our expert team members are friendly and helpful, meaning that any questions you have will be answered!

We're Local

Our toilet hire service covers Croydon, Bromley and the wider South East

We’re the Cheapest

We doubt you’ll find a better quote elsewhere. And if you do? We’ll match it

We’re Health & Safety Guardians

Our portable toilet hire service is always up to date with HSE legislation

We’re Electricity-Free

Our portable toilets are standalone units, making them ideal for any outdoor location

We Collect & Deliver

Just tell us when you want your toilets. And for how long. We’ll take care of the rest

We’re Here 24/7

Our expert team is always available for emergency callouts 24 hours a day

What Our Customers Say

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06:19 12 Apr 24
Would not hesitate to recommend. Quick responses to queries, cleaning done each week and extended my booking multiple times when we had delays with our building. Thanks for being so accommodating at very short notice!
Laurens BotLaurens Bot
20:56 12 Mar 24
Great service, quick to reply and decent prices. The cleaning happens once a week but the days are a bit random, no biggie as it's still once a week.
Iain LovieIain Lovie
10:41 31 Oct 23
wonderful communications and delivery, a nice clean box for our event. would recommended!
Samarth RanjanSamarth Ranjan
08:27 27 Oct 23
Very prompt responses on all my queries and requests, and reasonable price. They delivered the porter loo within one day of the initial payment, and took it away within one day of my collection request. They've had regular cleaning included within the price which was also very helpful.
Shan OneShan One
17:14 24 Aug 23
Terrible customer service. Rude and unresponsive. Very unprofessional experience. Do not recommend if your looking for a reliable company that won’t let you down, look elsewhere.After I left my review I was repeatedly contacted by a very aggressive man demanding to know why I left this review.
palwinder josanpalwinder josan
16:53 08 Jun 23
I had worst experience with blue Box Hire. They don’t clean toilets regularly and have very unprofessional staff. I complained twice about cleaning but didn’t get the service. Finally I had to told them to collect it because of their bad service. Nickey Nicholas(staff member) sent me 😂 emoji in her reply instead of apology. It is very unprofessional and unacceptable behaviour. I’m very disappointed with that
Paul ShillitoPaul Shillito
09:34 17 Feb 23
I arranged for a toilet hire for my house building work. Fortunately, Blue Box Hire Ltd were much better organised than my builder, as I found that their service overall was excellent. Office admin, accounting, and site maintenance was first-class. They are competitively priced but for my money, that is a bonus, as I value service in equal measure.
Caroline SuttonCaroline Sutton
21:37 03 Aug 20
Thank you Nicky for supplying me with your potential loo. I was pleased to receive it clean and it had a floral smell. No lights was supplied but I was able to use my hinging fload light. I would recommend Blue Box.
Jane DaviesJane Davies
13:39 11 Sep 19
Efficient and reliable service. Just the job for an 18th birthday garden party.
Alexandra WrightAlexandra Wright
12:13 23 Jul 19
Recently used for a family garden party. We were all rely impressed with the great service. Clean smart portaloo which turned out to be bit of a star attraction! Highly recommend.
Ben LovellBen Lovell
10:35 10 Jul 19
We used Blue Box for an event in Beckenham and I was really impressed. Reasonably priced and a slick operation. We will be using them again.
Diana AndersonDiana Anderson
18:10 21 Aug 18
Cherry Lodge Golf Club hired Blue Box Portaloos for an external event recently. They arrived on time and were located exactly where we wanted them. They were very clean and well presented. We would definitely recommend Blue Box Hire Ltd

Our Process

1. Get In Touch

By getting in touch with a member of staff from the team here at Blue Box Hire, you can talk to us about your event or building site, and we can then help you determine how many portable toilets you will need, and the duration that you need them for.

2. Portable Toilet Hire

Once you have determined how many portable toilets you need, the next step is for our team to drop them off at the event or building site on the selected start day.

3. Clean Up & Pick Up

Once you’re event or construction project has finished, our team will be over to clean and pick up the portable toilets. We always do this with maximum efficiency to help prevent any fuss or disruptions.


Blue Box Hire have many years of experience in providing reliable and highly-rated portable toilet hire services for a range of small and larger projects. Get in touch today to get started on your toilet hire process.


Event Toilet Hire

For events of all sizes and capacities, Blue Box Hire provide an industry-leading event toilet hire event toilet hire service that our previous customers love.

Construction Toilet Hire

Blue Box Hire provide construction toilet hire services that are tailored for each individual building site.


How soon should I book with 'Blue Box Hire' for an event in London?

We recommend booking as early as possible, especially during peak seasons. Ideally, a notice of at least one week allows us to ensure prompt delivery and setup. However, we understand unexpected needs can arise, so we always try to accommodate last-minute requests based on availability.

How many portable toilets will I need for a large-scale event?

The number of toilets needed can vary based on the duration of your event, the number of attendees, and other specific factors. A general guideline is one toilet for every 50 attendees for an event lasting up to 6 hours. For events with alcohol, the number might need to be higher. Our team can provide a customised recommendation based on your event details.

How frequently are the toilets serviced for long-term construction projects?

For construction sites with heavy usage, we recommend and offer regular maintenance checks and cleaning. Maintenance frequency can be tailored to your needs, ensuring the units remain hygienic and functional throughout the project's duration.

Can 'Blue Box Hire' toilets be placed on any surface at my London location?

Our portable toilets are designed to be versatile and can be placed on most flat surfaces, whether it's grass, concrete, or asphalt. When booking, please provide details about the intended placement area, so we can offer guidance and ensure smooth setup upon delivery.

What measures does 'Blue Box Hire' take to ensure the cleanliness of their portable toilets in London?

Hygiene is our top priority. All our units are rigorously cleaned, sanitised, and inspected before delivery. For longer-term rentals, we provide scheduled maintenance to ensure the units remain clean and functional. Our cleaning products are industry-grade, ensuring optimal sanitation for all users.

Portable Toilet Hire

Get in touch with a member of the team today to get started on your portable toilet hire for your event or construction site today.

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