Portable Toilet Solutions in Bexley

Portable Toilet Solutions in Bexley

Portable Toilet Solutions in Bexley

Blue Box Hire is now open for business in Bexley. Residential, commercial and industrial customers can now find affordable portable toilet hire with us. For any event or temporary work site, we have Bexley covered. If you need the loo, come to us! It’s never been this hassle-free!

Whether you are an event organiser or a construction project head, you need to consider hygiene and sanitation. Blue Box Hire provides high-quality portable toilet units to events and construction sites throughout the Southeast. Gig goers and party people won’t have to worry about long lines and missing the main act because we provide enough portable toilets for events of any size.

Government regulations state that workers must have adequate access to toilets and hand-washing facilities. With Blue Box Hire portable toilet, builders and other outdoor trades won’t be caught short, and you won’t be caught out by Health and Safety inspectors.

Efficient and environment-friendly

Our portable toilet units are ready-to-use. They fit most locations and are easily installed. In addition, we have a team of around-the-clock professional technicians ready to assist you during emergencies.

Aside from dedication to our clients, we also care deeply about the environment. We adhere to environment-friendly practices, and educate our clients in maintaining cleanliness of their surroundings when hiring our services.

Our company is a proud member of the Portable Sanitation Europe, a waste carriers licence holder from the Environment Agency, and an NSQ industry-recognised health and safety member.

For Your Portable Toilet Needs

Blue Box Hire are a small but experienced team that is dedicated to providing clients with a high-quality service. Based in Beckenham, our company now caters to residential, commercial and industrial clients across the Southeast, particularly in Surrey and Kent. When it comes to portable toilets, we have the right units for you.

If you want to know more about our services and for a free quote, contact us today.

Portable Toilet Hire Bexley

Our portable toilet hire service

Event Toilet Hire

Festival Toilet Hire

Construction Toilet Hire

Waste Sanitation

Handwashing Stations

No Risk of Clogging

No Risk of Plumbing Issues

Easy Transportation

Straightforward Setup

Ready for Immediate Use

Optional Attendant Onsite

Emergency Site Visits

Weekly Services for Long-Term Hire

24-Hour Availability

Dedicated Service

Our Gallery

Reasons to choose us

We're Local

We cover Croydon, Bromley and the wider South East area

Disruptions Reduced

Our construction toilet hire options reduce onsite disruptions

Health & Safety

Our portable toilet hire service meets current HSE legislation

Any Requirements

Our event toilet hire services cover requirements of any kind

Collection & Delivery

We deliver and collect our portable toilets promptly as agreed

Emergency Assistance

Our team is available for emergency callouts 24 hours a day

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