Portable Toilet Hire in Bromley

Portable Toilet Hire in Bromley

How our systems work

Blue Box Hire Ltd understands that event organisers and construction site managers in Bromley want as seamless a service as possible when it comes to portable toilet hire. With a myriad of other concerns to manage, having one less concern is always welcome. As such, we ensure that our event toilet hire and construction toilet hire options arrive fully-cleaned and ready-to-use. Not only does this allow for a swift, simple setup at the location, it also ensures that the systems remain in optimal condition. When it comes to portable toilet hire, we deliver nothing short of outstanding service.

For the benefit of new and returning clients in the Bromley area, we have outlined below how we set up our portable toilet hire facilities as well as how they function.

Setting up portable toilet hire options

For this process, we will focus on a standard chemical toilet, the most common option for event toilet hire and construction toilet hire. These units operate with a re-circulating function. This process involves the chemical solution that we pour into the base of the waste tank being recycled and utilised when the flush is engaged.

In order to set up these portable toilet hire facilities in the Bromley area, we follow these steps:

1. When the toilet unit has been cleaned and prepared, we are left with an empty waste tank. We ensure that the bottom of this tank comes equipped with a hose and a filter bag, with the former attached to the flush handle.

2. A member of our team pours the required amount of a chemical solution into the tank. In the majority of cases, this rarely exceeds 25ml. Whichever job in Bromley we take on, we always adhere to the strictest safety guidelines as stated by the supplier.

3. We then add approximately 2 litres of water to the chemical solution, ensuring enough liquid to cover the filter bag at the bottom of the tank. This amount can differ depending on the type of portable toilet hire requirements at hand.

4. To ensure that event toilet hire and construction toilet hire systems are fully operational, we then close the tank lid and pull the flush. This tests whether or not fluid is being drawn up from the tank. If not, we adjust the water levels.

5. Our portable toilet hire units are ready to use when the diluted chemical solution flows through the flush pump. Our Bromley clients can rest assured that we pull the flush several more times to remove any lingering air pockets in the system.

Emptying portable toilet hire facilities

These portable toilet hire facilities remain operational until full, at which point they simply stop flushing. Waste tanks usually hold approximately 132 litres of waste. It’s highly unlikely that small event toilet hire services will require pumping before their conclusion. For long-term construction toilet hire, we empty the tank on a weekly basis as part of standard servicing and cleaning.

We schedule the pumping out of waste tanks with individual suppliers, ensuring that this service causes minimal disruption to the event or construction site at hand.

Our clients in Bromley can rest assured that we hold membership with Portable Sanitation Europe Ltd (PSE) as well as being recognised as a licensed waste carrier by the Environment Agency.

The waste removed from our portable toilet hire facilities is always disposed of responsibly.

Portable Toilet Hire Bromley

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