Portable Toilet Hire Services in Hackney for All Occasions

portable toilet hire in hackney

Portable Toilet Hire Services in Hackney

Weddings in meadows, skyscraper constructions, huge music festivals—what do they all have in common? People in these places won’t have a place to do their business.

Here at Blue Box Hire Ltd, we understand how much event organisers and site managers want to provide a place of relief for event-goers and construction workers. They want a seamless service to go with it, too. And that’s what we’re happy to provide. We offer portable toilet solutions for hire in Hackney for events and construction.

Setting Up Your Portable Toilet

Whether it’s for music festivals, marathons, or when raising a skyscraper, Blue Box Hire ensures that each portable toilet we offer arrive is ready to use for your function. We make setting up swift, simple, and convenient. When setting up, we ensure the following.

  1. Each clean and prepared portable toilet will come equipped with a hose and a filter bag.
  2. We pour a chemical solution and water into the tank while adhering to the strict safety guidelines.
  3. Each portable toilet is tested to guarantee if it’s fully operational; we then adjust the fluid solution added if necessary.
  4. Final checks are made, ensuring there’s no any lingering air pocket in the toilet system.

We and our area teams make sure that we provide you and our clients in Hackney a fully-functional, effective, and sanitised toilet solution for everyone—workers, guests, festival-goers, or runners—a chance to relieve themselves.

Portable Toilet Clean-Up

Our portable toilet solutions for hire in Hackney can hold up to 132 litres of waste. They tend to remain operational until they get filled up; you’ll know when they’re full once the portable toilet simply stop flushing. Once this happens, we pump out the waste tanks while ensuring there’s minimal disruption to the event or construction site at hand. For long-term construction contracts, we provide weekly emptying as part of standard servicing, cleaning, and maintenance of the portable toilets.

Being a member of the Portable Sanitation Europe Ltd and recognised licensed waste carrier by the Environment Agency, we ensure that all the waste removed from the portable toilets you hire from us will be disposed responsibly.

If you want to rent a portable toilet or learn more information about our services, contact us today.

portable toilet hire hackney

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