Portable Toilet Hire Solutions in Mayfair

portable toilet hire in mayfair

Portable Toilet Hire Mayfair

Portable toilets provide the comfort and convenience of a traditional indoor toilet for outdoor projects and events. They can be transported and placed anywhere, and they can be removed and stored until needed again. For clean, environmentally friendly mobile toilet solutions, choose Blue Box Hire. Hire us for portable toilet units for your outdoor event or project in Mayfair.

Portable toilet units for any requirement

Tell us your requirements, and we’ll deliver the right solution for them. We provide mobile toilet units for any event or project, whether it is for your construction site, outdoor wedding or sporting event. Not sure how many units you need? We have you covered. Our experienced team can estimate how many portable toilets are necessary to accommodate your guests so they don’t have to worry about long queues. All our units are ready to set up and use. Tell us how many you need and for how long you’ll need them, and we’ll deliver and collect as agreed. Our toilet units fit in most locations and are easily installed.

Efficient and environmentally friendly solutions

Our portable toilet units bring the comfort that you’ll find in indoor toilets. They come with a simple flush mechanism that reduces the risk of plumbing issues. We also provide a toilet roll supply and handwashing stations.

Don’t worry about meeting health and safety regulations because we have those matters covered. Our services meet the current legislation by the Health & Safety Executive.

We also adhere to environmentally friendly practices, making sure we maintain the cleanliness of your surroundings. You can choose to have our plumbing technicians available on-site to take care of any issues, should they arise, with our units.

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Focus on your project while we take care of your outdoor toilet needs. Talk to us for a portable toilet solution that suits your requirements.

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portable toilet hire mayfair

Our portable toilet hire service

Event Toilet Hire

Festival Toilet Hire

Construction Toilet Hire

Waste Sanitation

Handwashing Stations

No Risk of Clogging

No Risk of Plumbing Issues

Easy Transportation

Straightforward Setup

Ready for Immediate Use

Optional Attendant Onsite

Emergency Site Visits

Weekly Services for Long-Term Hire

24-Hour Availability

Dedicated Service

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Reasons to choose us

We're Local

We cover Croydon, Bromley and the wider South East area

Disruptions Reduced

Our construction toilet hire options reduce onsite disruptions

Health & Safety

Our portable toilet hire service meets current HSE legislation

Any Requirements

Our event toilet hire services cover requirements of any kind

Collection & Delivery

We deliver and collect our portable toilets promptly as agreed

Emergency Assistance

Our team is available for emergency callouts 24 hours a day

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