Portable Toilet Hire Wandsworth

Our company stands out as a leading provider of portable toilet hire solutions in Wandsworth, catering to a diverse range of toiletry needs with reliability and professionalism. Whether you’re overseeing a construction project, planning a private event, or coordinating public gatherings, our portable toilets are designed to offer comfort and convenience. Our units are perfectly maintained, ensuring cleanliness and hygiene for all users. With a keen understanding of local regulations and spaces, Our company delivers, instals, and picks up portable toilets across the local area.

Benefits of Hiring a Portable Toilet in Wandsworth

Hiring a portable toilet with us ensures that your event or construction project is equipped with convenient, clean, and efficient sanitation solutions that are cost-effective. These units are vital for maintaining health and safety standards, providing comfort and convenience for users. Whether it’s a garden party, wedding, or building site, our portable toilets are designed to meet the unique needs of any occasion, all while reflecting a commitment to environmental sustainability and hygiene.

Accessibility: Easily placed at any location, ensuring user convenience.

Hygiene: High cleanliness standards with regular servicing options.

Comfort: Modern units are available with features such as flush systems and handwashing stations.

Compliance: Meets health and safety regulations for events and construction sites.

Environmentally Friendly: Options for eco-friendly toilets, promoting sustainable practices.

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How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Portable Toilet

The cost of hiring a portable toilet in Wandsworth is influenced by several factors, making it important for potential hirers to consider their specific requirements. The duration of hire also plays a significant role in pricing. Short-term hires may attract a higher daily rate, whereas longer-term arrangements usually benefit from a reduced overall cost, providing better value over the hire period.

Regular servicing is imperative to maintain hygiene and functionality, and depending on the number of users and the duration of the event or project, you might require multiple services per week. This can alter the cost, and it’s a factor that should be factored into the budgeting process. It’s also prudent to consider the logistics of delivery and collection, as these can affect the final quote. Our transparent pricing ensures that there are no hidden costs, allowing for accurate budgeting and financial planning.


The team at Blue Box Hire are on-hand and ready to provide you with portable toilet hire services that you can rely on.

Portable Toilet Hire for Construction Sites

Portable toilet hire is an indispensable addition for construction sites, ensuring compliance with regulations while promoting a hygienic work environment. We recognise the importance of providing durable and reliable portable toilets to serve the varying needs of construction sites, from small-scale refurbishments to large development projects. The toilets are constructed to withstand the challenges of a construction environment. Additionally, they are designed to maintain hygiene standards, with frequent servicing options available to ensure that cleanliness is always present. By providing on-site sanitation, construction projects can minimise downtime, with workers spending less time off-site in search of facilities, thereby boosting productivity.

Whether it’s a short-term build or a long-term development, there’s a toilet hire plan to match any requirements, with the option to extend the rental period should project deadlines delay or be met prematurely. With a strong commitment to customer service, we provide construction sites with not just the facilities themselves, but also a reliable support system for installation, maintenance, and removal.

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Portable Toilet Hire for Events & Parties

When it comes to hosting events and parties in Wandsworth, providing adequate restroom facilities can be a challenge, to say the least. Our company provides a solution with a large number of portable toilets suitable for all events. These units are not only practical but also ensure a level of comfort and hygiene that will enhance the overall event experience. 

The service doesn’t stop at just the provision of the units. We take pride in a full-service approach, managing delivery, setup, and maintenance throughout the event. This includes a professional and prompt installation process that respects schedules and venue layouts, ensuring that toilets are ready when guests arrive. Our commitment to excellence means that every aspect, from the initial consultation to the post-event clear-up, is handled with efficiency, allowing event organisers to focus on other aspects of their event.

Why Choose Us

Blue Box Hire is an industry leader within London, Kent, and Surrey when it comes to portable toilet hire services. With our strong passion for timekeeping and efficiency, you can rest assured that your event or building site will receive portable toilets exactly when you need them, with minimal fuss. Our expert team members are friendly and helpful, meaning that any questions you have will be answered!

We're Local

Our toilet hire service covers Croydon, Bromley and the wider South East

We’re the Cheapest

We doubt you’ll find a better quote elsewhere. And if you do? We’ll match it

We’re Health & Safety Guardians

Our portable toilet hire service is always up to date with HSE legislation

We’re Electricity-Free

Our portable toilets are standalone units, making them ideal for any outdoor location

We Collect & Deliver

Just tell us when you want your toilets. And for how long. We’ll take care of the rest

We’re Here 24/7

Our expert team is always available for emergency callouts 24 hours a day

What Our Customers Say

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06:19 12 Apr 24
Would not hesitate to recommend. Quick responses to queries, cleaning done each week and extended my booking multiple times when we had delays with our building. Thanks for being so accommodating at very short notice!
Laurens BotLaurens Bot
20:56 12 Mar 24
Great service, quick to reply and decent prices. The cleaning happens once a week but the days are a bit random, no biggie as it's still once a week.
Iain LovieIain Lovie
10:41 31 Oct 23
wonderful communications and delivery, a nice clean box for our event. would recommended!
Paul ShillitoPaul Shillito
09:34 17 Feb 23
I arranged for a toilet hire for my house building work. Fortunately, Blue Box Hire Ltd were much better organised than my builder, as I found that their service overall was excellent. Office admin, accounting, and site maintenance was first-class. They are competitively priced but for my money, that is a bonus, as I value service in equal measure.
Caroline SuttonCaroline Sutton
21:37 03 Aug 20
Thank you Nicky for supplying me with your potential loo. I was pleased to receive it clean and it had a floral smell. No lights was supplied but I was able to use my hinging fload light. I would recommend Blue Box.
Jane DaviesJane Davies
13:39 11 Sep 19
Efficient and reliable service. Just the job for an 18th birthday garden party.
Ben LovellBen Lovell
10:35 10 Jul 19
We used Blue Box for an event in Beckenham and I was really impressed. Reasonably priced and a slick operation. We will be using them again.

Our Process

1. Get In Touch

By getting in touch with a member of staff from the team here at Blue Box Hire, you can talk to us about your event or building site, and we can then help you determine how many portable toilets you will need, and the duration that you need them for.

2. Portable Toilet Hire

Once you have determined how many portable toilets you need, the next step is for our team to drop them off at the event or building site on the selected start day.

3. Clean Up & Pick Up

Once you’re event or construction project has finished, our team will be over to clean and pick up the portable toilets. We always do this with maximum efficiency to help prevent any fuss or disruptions.


Blue Box Hire have many years of experience in providing reliable and highly-rated portable toilet hire services for a range of small and larger projects. Get in touch today to get started on your toilet hire process.


Event Toilet Hire

For events of all sizes and capacities, Blue Box Hire provide an industry-leading event toilet hire event toilet hire service that our previous customers love.

Construction Toilet Hire

Blue Box Hire provide construction toilet hire services that are tailored for each individual building site.


How is waste from the portable toilets disposed of?

We adhere to strict environmental standards for waste disposal. The waste from our portable toilets is carefully collected and transported to a licensed facility where it is treated and disposed of in accordance with Environment Agency regulations, ensuring minimal environmental impact.

Can portable toilets be hired for events located in remote areas?

Absolutely. We are equipped to deliver portable toilets to remote locations throughout Wandsworth. Our service includes delivery, setup, and removal, ensuring that even the most inaccessible event locations are provided with necessary facilities.

How often are the hired portable toilets serviced?

The servicing frequency of our portable toilets typically depends on the duration of the hire and the volume of use. For events, we can arrange for daily servicing, while for long-term construction hires, weekly servicing is standard. However, we can tailor our servicing schedule to meet your specific requirements.

Portable Toilet Hire

Get in touch with a member of the team today to get started on your portable toilet hire for your event or construction site today.

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